Plugins with tag "Languages" for CLion


Support for the Dart programming language.


Provides full Clojure and ClojureScript language support.

PostCSS support

This plugin brings support for PostCSS: The IDE now recognises .pcss files.

Twig Support

Twig Template Language Support.

Pug (ex-Jade)

Support for Pug (formerly known as Jade), a template language for JavaScript.


TOML language support.

Haxe Toolkit Support

The Cross-platform Toolkit Documentation.


Donate Elixir support for JetBrains IDEs IntelliJ IDEA AppCode CLion Gogland PhpStorm PyCharm Rubymine WebStorm Features.

Thrift Support

Support for Thrift language.

JS GraphQL

GraphQL language support including Relay.QL tagged templates in JavaScript and TypeScript.