Top Rated for DataGrip

Idea 2016.2 Icon Pack

Changes new modern icons to the old ones.


This is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEs to write plugins at runtime without having to restart IDE.

Zero Width Characters locator

Inspired by this question on Stack Overflow - this plugin adds an inspection that prevents some hard to find bugs related to invisible zero width characters in source...

Autoscroll Save

At last, a handy way to save your Autoscroll to/from Source settings :).

Git Commit Template

Create a commit message with the following template: <type>(<scope>).

Gray Theme

A low-contrast light theme with lots of space between text lines. Made for writing in Markdown inside IntelliJ IDEs.

Quick File Preview

This plugin enables a quick file preview/open/edit on simple selecting files in Project View - similar to the preview in Sublime or VSCode.

Dark Purple Theme

A dark theme in purple tones. For version 2019.1 and above.


Gradianto aims to be easy on the eyes while being colorful and bright.


Provides intelligent spelling and grammar checks for text that you write in the IDE.