New and Updated for DataGrip

Key Promoter X

This is a completely rewritten version of the original Key Promoter.

Material Theme UI

This will add the Material Theme look to your IDE.

IntelliJ API Watcher

The plugin provides 'Find External Usages' action which allows developers to quickly find plugins which use IntelliJ platform classes, methods or fields and 'Check...

D Language

Support for the D Language.

ReasonML language plugin

Reason (and OCaml) language plugin.

Python Community Edition

The Python plug-in provides smart editing for Python scripts. The feature set of the plugin corresponds to PyCharm IDE Community Edition.


Automatically track everything you do when you code. See reports and metrics in real-time and never forget again what you did on the code.

Phing Support

Phing build tool support.


Plugin for redis.