New and Updated for DataGrip

Go To Occurrence

Plugin is build for fast navigation through sources.

Darkyenus Time Tracker

Simple plugin for lightweight tracking of time spent on project.


Bash language support for the IntelliJ platform.

Generator Code Plugin



MarkLogic integration, providing an error log viewer, and support for running and profiling the following query types on MarkLogic.

Performance Testing

Plugin for automated execution of test scripts, capturing performance snapshots and gathering performance statistics.


The IntelliTidy plugin for IntelliJ provides a single action for closing all documents and collapsing all trees.

Gradle/Maven Navigation

Overview Open our customized popup dialog and choose from a variety of context-sensitive destinations, including tree nodes, goals, and tasks.

AWS CloudFormation

Amazon AWS CloudFormation language support Open any *.template, *.json or *.yaml file with CloudFormation language inside.

TinyPng Plugin

This is a plugin for TinyPng.