New and Updated for DataGrip

Phabricator Tasks Provider

Provides access to Phabricator/Maniphest tasks.


Fortran language support.


Speech recognition for IntelliJ IDEA.

Nested Brackets Colorer

Coloring nested round () and square [] brackets starting from the second level at next languages:.


Clojure and ClojureScript.

HashiCorp Terraform / HCL language support

This plugin adds support for HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) and HashiCorp Interpolation Language (HIL), as well as their combination used in Terraform...


This plugin enables the niddler ui inside the IDE.

Bundled DataGrip Web Help

Bundled DataGrip Web help served via built-in Web server for offline use.

Mainframer Integration

This plugin makes integration with Mainframer tool easy and seamless.

Markdown support

Markdown support for IntelliJ products.