New and Updated for DataGrip

Missing In Actions

Missing In Actions Adds missing editor actions for end of word navigation but that is just the beginning.

Legacy Icon Pack for IntelliJ 2018.2+

Changes new modern icons to the old ones. You can choose between icons from IntelliJ 2016.2 (includes some from 2018.1) and 2018.1.

Archive browser

This plugin allows you to browse zip and gzip archives like folders in IDEA.


Support of geographic data (WKT ...).

Grep Console

Change colors of matching text.


This is a plugin to show slides and code examples directly from for IntelliJ IDEs.

PYPL index for Kotlin

A small widget for status bar that shows actual PYPL index for Kotlin language.



D Language

Support for the D Language.

Perforce Integration

Allows working with Perforce version control system.