New or Updated for DataGrip


Android sqlite interface generator.

NASM Assembly Language

NASM assembly language for JetBrains IDEs.


Graql language support.

REST Editor Client Contrib

Contrib for REST Editor Client with Swagger & Spring MVC support.


根据Excel粘贴过来的文本自动生成Java bean字段。 Auto generate fields of Java Bean by text, choosing from excel or other.

Spj Plugin

A Plugin For IntelliJ Family IDEs to Develop 101NEO SPJ Language.

CSV Plugin

Lightweight CSV plugin that supports editing files in CSV format.

Winnie actions

Winnie designer actions.

ADB Idea

Adds the following ADB commands to Android Studio and Intellij:.


Provides full Clojure and ClojureScript language support. Intelligent Editor featuring code completion, syntax highlighting and real-time error highlighting.