New and Updated for DataGrip


Vet is a Gerrit client using pull request workflow.

Spj Plugin

A Plugin For IntelliJ Family IDEs to Develop 101NEO SPJ Language.

SystemVerilog - Edaphic.Studio LLC

Edaphic.Studio develops a subscription-based, tool-chain independent, IDE for Electronic Design.


A snake game inside your code structure in IntelliJ.

Cucumber for Scala

Enables Reference tracking of glue code when using cucumber-scala DSL.

File Manager

Provides 'File Manager' toolwindow which can be used to browse, edit, copy, move and delete files on your local file system.

Graph Database support

Integration with Graph Databases Features: Manage data sources.

git bisect run

The plugin is intended to bring 'git bisect run' functionality to the IntelliJ platform.