Plugins with tag "Code tools" for GoLand

Send To Terminal

Intellij plugin to send and evaluate current, selection or expression in terminal.


By xunzz
Android Studio插件,一个生成mvp框架代码的插件.

Freasy Monad Plugin

Enable proper Intellij highlighting for Freasy-Monad macros.


A plugin which automatic generation "findViewById" code.

Detekt IntelliJ Plugin

Detekt IntelliJ plugin.


By axter
Plugin for generating code from selected layout XMLs in java file(via support declare/findViewById/setOnClickListener.

Metadroid Plugin

Enable proper Intellij highlighting for Metadroid macros.


By leeii

Loopeer Model Format

By kumaj
an Android Studio plugin for generating model using loopeer data dictionary.

Easy Java Bean

Auto generate Java Bean file or corresponding field.