Top Downloads for GoLand

Node.js Remote Interpreter

Allows to configure Node.js interpreters for remote environments;.


GitHub markdown plugin for intellij platform.

Key Promoter X

This is a completely rewritten version of the original Key Promoter.


Enriches SVN integration Development status Maintenance - bug fixes and releases for new IntelliJ versions Features Status bar component.


SCSS Lint intellij integration.

Power Mode II

Power Mode Based on the activate-power-mode atom plugin and forked from Baptiste Mesta on Github.


Smarten up the editor with new editor actions.


Allows to run multiple run configurations at once: group multiple run configurations and start them in a single click.

Sexy Editor

Make your IntelliJ IDE editor sexy with a background image in your editor's area :) Use different image(s) for different file sets, on various positions, in random...


This plugin provides basic Ember.js support to all JetBrains IDEs that support JavaScript.