Plugins with tag "UI" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate


For people with color vision deficiency.

Darcula (blacker)

Extends the Darcula UI Theme to have black backgrounds in certain areas instead of grey.

Espresso light theme

Espresso light theme for IntelliJ.

Light Bulb Toggle

Allows to turn off a light bulb in "Editor | General | Appearance".


The plugin matches root package names to country code top-level domains and replaces 'package' icon with the flag.


This plugin allows you to manage the actions that appear in IDEA's main toolbar.

Dark Orange Theme

Dark Orange Theme.

Ubuntu Theme

IntelliJ Theme in Ubuntu Yaru colors.

GitHub 3 Color Scheme

JetBrains' IDEA/PhpStorm/PyCharm/DataGrip/GoLand/… theme inspired by the GitHub syntax highlighting style (version 3, fall of 2017).


Automatically switches the IDE theme and color scheme base don the time of day.