Plugins with tag "UI" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate


GUIguide is an intelliJ plugin and runtime library that allows runtime inspection of properties in a GUI application, as well as links to the relevant source code and...

Ubuntu Theme

IntelliJ Theme in Ubuntu Yaru colors.

SSV Normandy Progress Bar

Your progress bar becomes the SSV Normandy SR-1 traveling at FTL.

EvangelionU02 Color Scheme

Evangelion Unit 02 eye-friendly version.


Deploy a custom swing component and see it right in a tool window, it's like instant run for Swing.

KDoc Clean Read

Making KDoc (Kotlin) comments more readable by: Text styles for value of tags:.


convert svg to vector drawable.

Monkai Pro Theme

Monkai Pro Theme.


Hide title menu for windows.


Plugin for editing IDE screencasts. (See ScreencastRecorder for recording).