Plugins with tag "UI" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

Atom Material Icons

Replace Jetbrains' icons with Atom File Icons and Material Design Icons! This is a both a port of the Atom File Icons ( and the...

Night Owl Theme

Night owl theme and color scheme for IntelliJ®, Webstorm® and other Jetbrains® IDEs.

Idea 2016.2 Icon Pack

Changes new modern icons to the old ones.

Cyan Light Theme

A light theme in cyan tones. For version 2019.1 and above.

jimu Mirror

Mirror gives you live, on-device previews of Android layouts that update as you code.

Legacy Icon Pack 2018.2+

Changes new monochrome icons to the good colorful old ones. You can choose between icons from IntelliJ 2016.2 and 2018.1.


Support for TornadoFX - the JavaFX framework for Kotlin.


An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant JetBrains IDE UI and editor color theme.

Extra Icons

Add icons for files like Travis YML, Appveyor YML, etc.

Gray Theme

A low-contrast light theme with lots of space between text lines. Made for writing in Markdown inside IntelliJ IDEs.