Plugins with tag "UI" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

Material Design Dark-Theme

A jetbrains theme plugin use(may not) material design.


Plugin provides possibility to create several UI profiles for different screen resolutions and easily toggle between them.

Android Holo Colors Generator

IntelliJ Plugin for Android Holo Colors Genrator.

Branch in Window Title

If a git repository is detected in the parent directory of a module, the current branch name is appended to the project name in the window title.

Atom OneDark Theme

Atom One Dark Theme.


By jfim
This plugin adds an option to run IDEA in full screen mode, with no title bar.


drawing chibi-chara(small cute anime character) images, similar to wallpaper.

Keymap exporter

Allows exporting your keymap to a printable PDF document.


Allows to bind actions of your choice to the following mouse gestures performed in editor.

Gruvbox Theme

gruvbox is heavily inspired by badwolf, jellybeans and solarized.