Plugins with tag "UI" for IntelliJ IDEA

Vector Icon Pack

IDE using vector icons,such as Awesome etc.Provided extension point for custom icons.

Quick Launch

Quick Launch plugin lets you favorite run configurations and quickly access them from new tool window.

Preserve Layout Plugin

This plugin provides Export & Import functionality for IntelliJ window layout. Preserve your favorite layout across different projects.


For people with color vision deficiency.


This plugin allows you to manage the actions that appear in IDEA's main toolbar.

Test GUI Framework

This plugin helps testing IDEA and other plugins via GUI.

Light Bulb Toggle

Allows to turn off a light bulb in "Editor | General | Appearance".


The plugin matches root package names to country code top-level domains and replaces 'package' icon with the flag.


Display the tab number indicator before the opened file name int editor tabs.

Copy Option Path

Adds 'Copy Option Path' action to copy path to an option from IDE dialogs.