Plugins with tag "UI" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate


Allows to enforce subpixel antialiasing and LCD contrast rendering hints when JVM doesn't enable them by default. Only works with Sun JVM.

JavaDoc Clean Read

Making JavaDoc comments more readable by:.


Import Vector Drawables from the Material-Icons


Replaces shortcuts with mnemonics.

Window Sizer

Center and resize the project window to predefined dimensions, or ask for a custom one if needed.

Random Image Background

Set the editor background to a random picture from a folder.

IdeaMouseGestures v9.0.1+

IdeaMouseGestures plugin provides easy way to assign Idea's menu items to mouse gestures. Mouse gestures are recognized when the right mouse button is pressed.

Gruvbox Theme

gruvbox is heavily inspired by badwolf, jellybeans and solarized.

Clock Widget

A simple clock widget for IntelliJ.

Describe Key

Allows to easily find out what a key or shortcut does.