Plugins with tag "UI" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate




An IntelliJ plugin that adds a colored bar specifying the module that the file you are editing is part of.

Console Folding

Adds a customization for folding non-interesting lines in console.

Evangelion Color Scheme

The Color Mode derived from Evangelion unit 1.


GUIguide is an intelliJ plugin and runtime library that allows runtime inspection of properties in a GUI application, as well as links to the relevant source code and...

EvangelionU02 Color Scheme

Evangelion Unit 02 eye-friendly version.

Automatic Power Saver

A plugin that automatically enables power save mode when window focus is lost.


convert svg to vector drawable.


Deploy a custom swing component and see it right in a tool window, it's like instant run for Swing.


Plugin for editing IDE screencasts. (See ScreencastRecorder for recording).