Plugins with tag "Misc" for IntelliJ IDEA


This plugin helps you to track the development time of all your projects.


IdeaAscii is a simple plugin that allows you to easily add comments (typically section headers/breaks) in ASCII text.

Simple Module Dependency Graph

This very simple plugin generates the module dependencies as source for PlantUML and GraphML.

Shortcut Keys List

By shaz
Displays the shortcuts list with ctrl+shift+K like eclipse, or through Help->shortkutList.

Batch Generator

Simple plug-in enables developers to easily generate batch files to run Java applications.

Ruby Dynamic Code Insight

This plugin provides additional Code Insight intelligence to improve resolution, find usages and refactoring capabilities.

Module Dependency Graph

The plugin exports graph representation of modules depndencies into graphml format.

Context Console Plugin

Allows you to open a console in the location specified.

Time Tracker Plugin

A Time tracking plugin which automatically tracks the time spent on each project.


Easily convert a java file to groovy file - it just renames it :).