Plugins with tag "Misc" for IntelliJ IDEA


Enables "Open With" different editor for any files in project.

Environment Variables in Path Variables

An IntelliJ IDEA plugin to automatically add environment variables to Path Variables.

File Size

A simple and quick way to know the file size.


A plugin to allow developers to configure custom filenames using template variables.

Do you like [Ctrl/⌘]+Shift+N pop-up window? Isn't it really fast way to open files?.

Limited WIP

By syl
Plugin to limit the amount of changes you make at a time.


JarSpy Plugin.

Buffer It

Selected multi-line text is wrapped up in a StringBuffer, quotes are escaped.


DER Viewer is a plugin to inspect ASN.1 structures encoded under DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules).

Auto Sync

This automates the action of right clicking on a project and clicking synchronize.