Plugins with tag "Network" for IntelliJ IDEA

FTP Bridge

Simple File Transfer Utility.


FTP Plugin.

Websocket Client

By dmitz
Simple websocket client for Intellij IDEA.

Network Tools

Network Tools provide various tools for monitoring the network.

Beame Insta-ssl plugin Jetbrains plugin Beame-insta-ssl provides HTTPS tunnel for exposing your work.

plugin proxy

PlugProxy was made by Christopher A.


The Network plugin allows developers to proxy requests and view the request and responses in IntelliJ.

RMI Explorer

explores a local or remote RMI registry and executes remote methods.

Open Uploader

File (default.Apk) upload plugin, do not need to open the page directly to the APK file or other files uploaded to the server, support for custom upload path and...

ZipTo(G)mail Backup

Compresses a project into 1 zip file, and emails it to a (G)mail account.