Plugins with tag "J2ee" for IntelliJ IDEA

Copy Hippo shared files

Deploy shared hippo dependencies into tomcat shared library.

AWS Manager

Amazon Web Services ( AWS) Manager.

Orion Integration

By fate
Orion J2EE Integration.


简单易用的打包工具,安装后,右键src下的任意目录,在菜单中点击Package Jars按钮,按说明即可导出相应的Jar!.

Winstone Integration Plugin

Integrates with Winstone AP Server.

Mybatis Log

extract SQL statement of action logging switch to executable SQL statement.

GXT 3.0 PropertyAccess Generator

This plugin generate property access class for JPA entities.

Mybatis Generator

Reverse generation of 'Mybatis Generator' based on XML configuration files,it able to generate JavaBean & Dao & base sql.

Oracle Cloud integration

This plugin provides support for Oracle cloud platform.


Cargo is a thin wrapper around existing containers (e.g.