Plugins with tag "XML" for IntelliJ IDEA

Material Design Specs

Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for Android UI widgets with Material Design specifications.

XLIFF Support

XLIFF Plugin GitHub Repository.


By jeje
Run JiBX binding compiler after the Java compiler has run and provides validation support.

RELAX-NG Support

Support for RELAX-NG XML schemas.

XMLBean Generator

XMLBean Integration.

Log4j Plugin

A plugin to accelate log4j.xml file writing.

XSL-FO Support for IntelliJ IDEA

This plugin provides run configuration that allows execution of XSL-FO transformations with Apache FOP.

JiBX Idea Plugin

Provides JiBX Binding support for Java language.

XML Pack

XML Pack.

Selector Generator Plus

自动生成android Selector Drawable&Color.