Plugins with tag "Intention" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

Slf4j log format converter

Adds an intention to allow the conversion of '+' into formats with '{}'.

PHP 1Up!

PHP 1Up! Source code • Bug tracker page • Give me some love!.

Nette factory interface generator

Github This plugin allows you to quickly generate factory interface for your components and other classes.


Adds some simple but convenient intentions and inspections for IntelliJ IDEA.

Accessors Plugin

The Accessor Plugin provides two intention action which can be used to replace direct accesses of a property of a class with a suitable getter or setter method.


Place your cursor on a RegExp.

FQN Improved

By Dan
FQN plugin.


Code folding and code display simplifying intentions.


AutoBoxingPlugin provides a number of intentions to wrap primitive types to their corresponding wrapper classes.

Argument Generator

This plugin will generate call arguments to a method or a constructor by using the parameter names.