Plugins with tag "Web" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

LiveEdit patch for JavaScript modules support

IntelliJ plugin to "patch" WEB-30653 IntelliJ throws a warning when editing JavaScript modules.

Best Web Search

The HooFoo.Net Best search result from google and yahoo.

Http Editor Client

This plugin helps you to run http-requests from an IDEA's text editor.


Access Twitter service from IDEA.

GWT Studio

Significantly simplifies development of AJAX applications based on Google Web Toolkit.

Regularjs Support

Regularjs support.

React Kotlin Live Templates

Live Templates For Kotlin React wrapper.

lang tip

language text tip umu内部开发插件,快速提示多语言词条占位符所表示的中文意思,方便开发使用 使用 选中占位符lang_xxx 按下 SHIFT Ctrl P (Command SHIFT P on a Mac) 或者右键点击"多语言占位符提示" 代码窗口显示红色hint提示.


Switch between files with the same file path and base name but different extensions.

Nebular code snippets

Nebular Snippets for IntelliJ products.