Plugins with tag "Framework integration" for IntelliJ IDEA

Oro PHPStorm Plugin

Oro PHPStorm Plugin Plugin for the PHPStorm that will help to increase the development speed on the projects based on the OroPlatform.

MapStruct Support

MapStruct support for IntelliJ IDEA.


By zenus
Thinkphp framework integration for PhpStorm.

Android Support

Supports development of Open Handset Alliance Android applications with IntelliJ IDEA It works with Android SDK 1.5 and with earlier versions Features: ...


Плагин помогает работать с языковыми файлами в проекте под управлением 1C-Битрикс: Управление Сайтом или Битрикс24.

OXID Plugin

OXID Plugin.

iBATIS Plugin

The plugin for IntelliJ IDEA to accelerate iBATIS development with following features.

XMLBeans integration

By gja
Plugins that compiles XMLBeans XSD schemas.


Plugin, created to improve life-work balance while working with Magento 2.