Plugins with tag "Profiling" for IntelliJ IDEA


By yole
Viewing HotSpot compilation logs in IntelliJ IDEA.

Perf Guard

A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA which obtains execution and memory profile when you run an application from IDEA and automatically warns you about possible performance...

ReferenceScanner Plugin

This IDEA plugin is a Reference Scanner add-on to open classes, fields and methods in IDEA.

Flamegraph Profiler

Instrumentation Java Profiler & Flamegraph Visualizer.

Avaje Metric Enhancer

Post-compile Avaje metrics enhancement.

ThreadMon Plugin

Analyzes states of various thread running in a remote managed JVM.

OptimizeIt 5 Plugin

Integration is currently just for the Profiler.


By serce
Franky - a simple profiler that always speaks frankly.