Plugins with tag "Refactoring" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

Auto Parcel

Adds a generator action to automatically add Parcelable support for Android model classes.

Refactor-J for IDEA 6.0

Twenty new automated refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA.

Pull up method refactoring extension

*** Warning : this is an experimental software, it contains many bugs.

Refactor-J for IDEA 7.0

Twenty-five new automated refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA.

Refactor-X for IDEA 6.0

New automated XML refactorings for IntelliJ IDEA.

Java Utility class can be Singleton

Converts Java utility class (only static members) to singleton, changing all references from UtilityClass.member to UtilityClass.getInstance().member.

Jangaroo Migration to Ext AS 6

Migrate ActionScript and MXML code from Ext AS 3.4 to Ext AS 6.


Twelve concurrency oriented refactorings and intentions for IntelliJ IDEA.


Automated design defects detection plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. Finds possible refactorings for Java code using machine learning algorithms.

Readable test names

By Must
Additional rename refactoring that renames methods from camel cased names to underscored names.