Plugins with tag "Viewer" for IntelliJ IDEA


By kubut
TransPlug is a simple plugin for JetBrains IDE (PhpStorm, WebStorm etc.) It provides easy way to manage translation files in your project.

Dependency Injection Graph

Simple plugin for Android Studio that allows display graph of dependency injections.

JSON Data Viewer for DataGrip

JSON Data Viewer for DataGrip.


使用说明书 "File" -> "Settings" -> "Other Settings" -> "Translation Config",设置翻译源 中文转英文.

Codebrag Integration Plugin

Experimental plugin integrating Codebrag (code-review tool) with IntelliJ Idea.


Compare two json files (.json extension) regardless of the order of fields.


This plugin provides a panel showed versionName of every module of a Android Project.

Winnie actions

Winnie designer actions.