Plugins with tag "Navigation" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate


The purpose of this plugin is to try to make it easier to navigate in a Redux app.


A plugin that eases the navigation through the elements of a project and the execution of actions on those elements. Please visit the home page of this plugin for a...

Navigate to URL

By Tom W
Enables navigation from any matching string literal or xml attribute value or xml element text to a url defined by url rules.


Collection of simple utilities for IDEA.


The XFiles plugin offers a configurable, dynamic mechanism for defining working sets of files and allowing navigation between files selected by a working set.

Open Includes

Allow Ctrl-Click navigation in JSP files for other include tags (dsp, cq).


Auto makes links in your console.


Enables [Ctrl-B] in text files and java comments, to jump to files/classes under the cursor.


A version of Camel Humps that fits my style and works in latest IDEA.


set Favorites split mode to false.