Plugins with tag "Unit testing" for IntelliJ IDEA




IntelliJ version of PairHero plugin


Plugin for running mutation tests with a click of a button.

Golang mockery

This plugin provides Golang developers a shortcut for auto-generating testify mocks by offering a shortcut to call the mockery generator behind the scenes.

Test/Production Class and Method Generator

This plugin is used to generate test and production classes, as well as test and production methods from a single action.

Test Recorder

Records behaviour of the developer about testing.


This plugin does basic code completions for xcordion/concordion (html) specification files.

TestNG Generator

By Skynx
Automatically generates a TestNG test class skeleton for all of the current class methods.

Beaker Test Runner

Beaker Test Execution.


Generate a test class with appropriate boilerplate code for your Java class with one keyboard shortcut. Summary.