Plugins with tag "Build" for IntelliJ IDEA


Provides Buildfeedback via FreeTTS.

Hudson Build Monitor

Monitors the status of Hudson builds.

Clean Architecture Generator

Generate the files to create a clean architecture.


Build apk for multiple channel.


By bugvm
Easily create native iOS apps with Java. BugVM is free and open source.

Bulk Load Modules

Allows user to select a directory and it will recursively import all IntelliJ modules found.

JCompilo Java Compiler

A pure Java 6+ build tool with advanced compiler features including Tail Call Optimisation.


Merger is a tool for constructing arbitrary build algorithms using modules, branches, VCS repositories (svn and git), other builder(ant, maven, npm) and the capabilities...


Cruise Control build process indicator.


CBT build tool support for Scala programming language.