Plugins with tag "Code editing" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

BoB the Builder of Beans

BoB the Builder of Beans is a plugin that allows you to generate Java boilerplate code effortlessly! BoB allows you to specify just fields of a Java class and...

Dto-Wrapper-Builder Generator

This plugin generates builder, dtos or special wrappers for given interfaces or classes.

CoolSharp Code Section Generator

This plugin is a section of code automatically makes the source code.

Assert Deluxe

AssertDeluxe is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that simplifies creation of custom assertion classes in Java.


Quick compare tool.


Tries to provide smart (and choosable) pre-selections for the different Introduce-... refactorings.


Generating class fields and methods by custom templates for selected fields.

Case conversion

By Laria
Convert between cases.


The plug-in Equalizer is intended for making your code more beautiful and readable via equalizing lines which contains '='.

Hungry Backspace Reloaded

Modifies BackSpace key to hungrily delete whitespace.