Plugins with tag "Code editing" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

Swagger [Zalando Extensions]

The plugin includes features that are relevant in the Zalando development environment, such as Zally linting.

StepBuilder Generator

This plugin generates a Builder class following the Step Builder pattern so that you can build instances of your class more easily in a guided manner.

Java8 Generators

Enhanced Java toString(), hashcode() and equals() methods generator.


Plugin to generate class and method KDoc.


Reformat (local) python code using black.

Inc Dec Value

Increment and decrement numbers (integer and floating point) and string casing (upper, lower, capitalize).

Kotlin Fill Class

Intellij plugin that provide intention action for empty constructor or function to fill property with default value.


Allows locking of classes, methods and regions of code to protect improtant parts of the code from accidental change.


All-language autocompleter — TabNine uses machine learning to help you write code faster.

Groovy Method Completion

This plugin lets you auto complete your super classes method declarations in Groovy language as well as quickly create Getter and Setters for their fields.