Plugins with tag "Code editing" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate


Append Class Name at each end of the declared var name(s) 声明的变量名称后追加类型词尾,避免(尤其是Android开发中)声明的view变量名带大量类型简写的丑陋规则 eg1: private static ListView _test.


Left or right justify columns of selected text.

Drupal 8 Namespace Detector

Detect Drupal 8 namespace roots.

Builder Deluxe

BuilderDeluxe is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that automates creation of builder classes for POJOs.

Builder plugin

Generates a static nested Builder for a class.


Tries to provide smart (and choosable) pre-selections for the different Introduce-... refactorings.

Angular Imports Sorter

basic imports sorter.


Generates an inner builder class to assist with backward-compatibility for immutable classes.

Galen Specs Language Support

This plugin enables smart editing of Galen Specs Language files.


CodeCompletionLive cycles through several completions.