Plugins with tag "Code editing" for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

Hide Tool Windows Ex

This plugin adds the functionality to hide tool windows when the developer start typing.


一款自动对属性生成getter/setter 的小插件 (A small plugin that automatically generates getter/setter for properties).

Mac's Code Generation And Action Plugin

This plugin was written to try to add a few bells and whistles to IntelliJ that are conducive to laziness and good coding style.

auto generate log

Plugin for auto generate debug log.


You can invoke these actions via IntelliJ's "Find Action" or "Search Everything" functionality, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to them under Preferences...

Dto-Wrapper-Builder Generator

This plugin generates builder, dtos or special wrappers for given interfaces or classes.

Assert Deluxe

AssertDeluxe is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that simplifies creation of custom assertion classes in Java.

Shell Filter

The Shell Filter plugin for Jetbrains IDEs enables the developer to run an external shell command and insert or replace the returned output into the current Editor.

Angular Imports Sorter

basic imports sorter.


The plug-in Equalizer is intended for making your code more beautiful and readable via equalizing lines which contains '='.