Top Downloads for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate


Integrates with Simple Build Tool (SBT) to enable building Scala projects easily and quickly.

Php Inspections (EA Extended)

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PostCSS support

This plugin brings support for PostCSS: The IDE now recognises .pcss files.

Protobuf Support

Google Protobuf support for JetBrains products.

Android Drawable Importer

This plugin consists of three main features. You can access them by a right-click anywhere, but not on a file, inside an Android module under New.


AsciiDoc language support for IntelliJ platform.

Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 live templates / snippets.

Play 2.0 Support

Play 2.0 Framework support.

Git Flow Integration

Git Flow Integration.

MaxCompute Studio

MaxCompute is a big data processing platform developed by Alibaba Cloud independently.