Top Rated for IntelliJ IDEA

Autoscroll Save

At last, a handy way to save your Autoscroll to/from Source settings :).

CloudSlang Plugin

IntelliJ CloudSlang plugin.

VisualVM Launcher

Launches VisualVM from within IDEA.

Yii2 Support

Plugin contains the following functionality.

JS GraphQL

GraphQL language support including Relay.QL tagged templates in JavaScript and TypeScript.

Zero Width Characters locator

Inspired by this question on Stack Overflow - this plugin adds an inspection that prevents some hard to find bugs related to invisible zero width characters in source...


Allows to easily browse next/previous word at caret and highlight other appearances of selected word.


MybatisX plugin.


Plugin provides possibility to create several UI profiles for different screen resolutions and easily toggle between them.

Key promoter

Shows to user how easy he can make same action using only keyboard(menus and toolbar button mouse clicks initiates shortcut display).