New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA


The Scala plugin extends IntelliJ IDEA’s toolset with support for Scala, sbt, Scala.js, Hocon, and Play Framework.

360 FireLine Plugin

By qtest

ReasonML language plugin

Reason language plugin.

Jspresso Developer Studio

Jspresso Developer Studio for IntelliJ IDEA.

IDE Features Trainer

Learn basic shortcuts and essential features interactively – right inside the IDE.

Vaadin Designer

Vaadin Designer allows you to visually design user interfaces for your Vaadin applications using direct manipulation (WYSIWYG).


Plugin for writing Gauge tests The plugin provides the following basic features.


Provides shortcuts to open a file or commit in Stash, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab or GitBlit using the default browser or copy the link to the clipboard.


Ballerina is a general purpose, concurrent and strongly typed programming language with both textual and graphical syntax, optimized for integration.

lsFusion support

Plugin adds editing and navigation support for lsFusion scripting files (*.lsf).