New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA


All that maven and gradle should be.


Ballerina is a simple programming language whose syntax and runtime address the hard problems of integration.


Derrick integration and automated Kubernetes deployment.

Android NR Bundle Builder

Use builder build bundle.

Reece Stash Bamboo Tools

Lookup a bamboo build plan on local server.


To init java Enum and generator valueOfXXX method; 初始化java enum 对象 并且生成属性对应的valueOf方法.

Doki Doki Literature Club Theme

Built on top of Material UI.

Railways for IDEA

By Basil
Railways plugin makes navigation between Ruby On Rails route actions much quicker.

Spring and AngularJs Code Generator

Adds options to generate Spring classes, and AngularJs javascript files.

GitLab Projects

GitLab Projects Plugin Simple plugin that is adding support for GitLab specific actions to JetBrain IDEs Features.