Plugins with tag "Code tools" for IntelliJ IDEA Community

JSON To Kotlin Class (JsonToKotlinClass)

Plugin for Kotlin to convert Json String into Kotlin data class code quickly.

Emmet Everywhere

EmmetEverywhere Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

Builder Generator

Adds ability to generate builder for a class and switch between them.


A toolkit for RESTful services development. 1.ONE STEP to navigate to service declaration.


GitHub | Issues 一键调用一个对象的所有的set方法 generate call to class all setter method by alt+enter on the variable class generate a converter two...


With the EduTools plugin, you can learn and teach programming languages such as Kotlin, Java, and Python in the form of coding tasks and custom verification tests...


Tools for convert SVG file to Android VectorDrawable.


Generate Java and Kotlin POJO files from JSON: GSON, FastJSON, AutoValue (GSON), Logan Square, Jackson, empty annotations template.

Java Decompiler IntelliJ Plugin

JD-IntelliJ is a plug-in for the IntelliJ IDEA platform.

Android Postfix Completion

Postfix completion templates for Android.