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By MaiYa
Shortcut Key: Windows.


SpringFramework plugin for Idea (5.0.2 to 5.1) that helps you work with SpringFramework.

Code Navigator

Understanding other people's code or your own code in complex systems is a challenging problem in software development.

Equals and HashCode Deluxe Generator

Generates equals() and hashCode() using Guava library or Objects class from Java 7.

jclasslib Bytecode viewer

jclasslib is a bytecode viewer for Java class files.


插件功能:在idea的database工具中使用,选择表,生成mybatis相关的代码。已支持的数据库:Mysql、Mysql8、Oracle、MariaDB。待验证:PostgreSQL与SQL Server Step1.


I am considering rewriting this plugin from scratch.

MyBatis Lite

Plugin for mybatis to generate controller,service,dao,mapper and model.

Android Code Generator

Android Code Generator Author Author of this plugin is Tomasz Morcinek.


Base on GsonFormat. Quickly to convert a JSON string to an entity class ..