Plugins with tag "Code tools" for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

Android Annotations @ViewById injection code generator

This plugin will generate automatically all the @ViewById annotations for an Android Annotations annotated class.

Android Asset Importer

This plugin is designed to facilitate the process of importing multiple assets into Android Studio in a painless manner.

Scalagen, Java to Scala converter

This plugin allows you to convert Java code into Scala.

Generate Kotlin data classes from JSON

Plugin generates Kotlin data classes from JSON text.

Ultimate PasteBin

Best plugin ever for PasteBin in IntelliJ IDEA.


By ykdsg
This plugin can generate an Object to another Object transfer methods.

Google Closure Require Statement Checker

This plugin adds another inspection for javascript files to check whether all the google closure classes are imported properly.

Bytecode Editor

Provides View | Edit Bytecode action for those who learns JVM internals.

Property Sorter

Imagine you work with property files every day.

Pepper SDK

Create robot applications in Android Studio!.