Plugins with tag "Misc" for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition


IdeaAscii is a simple plugin that allows you to easily add comments (typically section headers/breaks) in ASCII text.

Simple Module Dependency Graph

This very simple plugin generates the module dependencies as source for PlantUML and GraphML.

Batch Generator

Simple plug-in enables developers to easily generate batch files to run Java applications.

Shortcut Keys List

By shaz
Displays the shortcuts list with ctrl+shift+K like eclipse, or through Help->shortkutList.

Module Dependency Graph

The plugin exports graph representation of modules depndencies into graphml format.


Easily convert a java file to groovy file - it just renames it :).


Spelling Checker for IntelliJ IDEA based around the open source Jazzy engine (

Time Tracker Plugin

A Time tracking plugin which automatically tracks the time spent on each project.

Context Console Plugin

Allows you to open a console in the location specified.


Quick Weather plugin displays the current weather condition in IDEA status bar.