Plugins with tag "Misc" for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition


By Roge
Allows to install plugin from site right from the browser by using bookmarklet. Just click on bookmark and plugin will be installed!.


Allows editing of IDEA VM options, and will save changes to an VM options through a reinstall.

Plugin name here

short description of the plugin.


View the synonyms for the current word under cursor.

Eclipse Workspace Importer

Imports an entire Eclipse workspace in the current IDEA project.

Time Convertor Plugin

Ctrl+Shift+T convert unix or java time to specified format of date. Time is selected text(primary) or content of clipboard.


Adds handy tools to your JavaFX project.


Enables "Open With" different editor for any files in project.

File Size

A simple and quick way to know the file size.

Do you like [Ctrl/⌘]+Shift+N pop-up window? Isn't it really fast way to open files?.