Plugins with tag "Plugin development" for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition


Hodor live templates for Hodor front-end framework.


By ueqt
Generate properties(getter and setter) with JsonProperty.

EventbusUtil Automatic generation of code

EventbusUtil Automatic generation of code.

Selector Generator

By clvas
自动生成android Selector Drawable&Color.


execute run/debug test from xml for automation project based on mtop-api-framework.

Hello Plugin

Popup Hello Alert(Press command+alt+f12) This is test plugin.

Binder Plugin

This is a plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ that connects to the Binder Library built at the High Bay. This plugin makes Binder even easier to use!.

Style Generator

A handly tool to move attributes to styles.

Logisys (Other Login System Andorid Dev)

Logisys System provides ease of interaction with a third party,such as privyid, facebook, twitter, google, instagram, path..


Used by Android developer ,can be product by one key with BaseActivity BasePresenter ProjectApplication and so on.