Plugins with tag "VCS integration" for IntelliJ IDEA Community


Easy to 'Emoji(or Text) Prefix Commit'.

Changes Bar

Enhancement to Changes UI in IDEA, including Status bar based UI for Changes.

Commit message checker

Checks that commit message contains reference to the same issue as branch.

Commit Message Template

Adds a button to the commit dialog (right above the commit message field), that loads a commit message template.

git bisect run

The plugin is intended to bring 'git bisect run' functionality to the IntelliJ platform.

Changelist Action

Invokes (external) user action on affected files from VCS changelist.


Vet is a Gerrit client using pull request workflow.

Zeus Plugin

This is a idea one - key package plugin.


Allows working with CVS version control system.

Git Flow Integration Extended

Git Flow Extended Integration.