Plugins with tag "VCS integration" for IntelliJ IDEA Community

Save ChangeList Patches

Saves each changelist as a patch in the location set in configuration.

Git extended update-index

Enables support for the next git commands:.


This plugin can predict the full set of files in the commit given only a part of it.


Allows using ClearCase from within IDEA.

Use Gists

Use Gists.

Git Branch Manager

Plugin enhance IDE works with GIT branches in multi module project.


IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Mercurial integration.

Git File Case Fixer

Git File Case Mismatch Plugin Detect and fix file case mismatch between git and the file system Adds Before Commit check for file case mismatches...

Git User

Location: VCS -> Git -> Project User.

Clear VCS message on commit

Plugin that clears commit message from commit window after a successful commit. After installation, plugin will be enabled by default.