Plugins with tag "Formatting" for IntelliJ IDEA Community


Format yaml file.


google/yapf plugin for Jetbrains IDEs.

Auto-Format Text

Adds to IntelliJ the ability to reformat text.

101 Header

Add 101 header on you c files (alt + h).

Son of External Code Formatter

Allows using external code formatters, especially Eclipse's code formatter, as well as any command line code formatting tools, from within IntelliJ IDEA.

Jalopy Plugin

Jalopy Code Formatter Plugin Use Ctrl+Shift+P to format currently active document, or alternatively, enable automatic formatting on save in plugin configuration.

Jalopy for IDEA 8

Integrates Jalopy into IDEA.


this is a plugin for android Layout formatting,you can use this plugin to farmat you layout.xml; it can make you layout.xml more beautiful.

IntelliJ IDEA Properties Sorter

If you are working on a project where different IDEs are used, properties files will often cause merge conflicts because of different format and ordering.


Add Format action in Edit menu to format the current opened