Plugins with tag "Formatting" for IntelliJ IDEA Community

JBehave Example Table Formatter

The plugin provides a convenient way for formatting Example Tables in JBehave .story files to have same column length.


ReformatCode (Ctrl-Alt-L) and OptimizeImports (Ctrl-Alt-O) without a dialog.

All Format

AllFormat is formatting your JSON, XML, HTML and map printing.


By cablo
(Ctrl+Alt+R) reformats actual file and optimizes imports without any dialog.

Code Style Hook

Plugin to apply the project's code style to a subset of the changed files on commit.

Jalopy Plugin for Idea 10

Updated Jalopy plugin for newer versions of IntelliJ.

External Code Formatter

Allows using external code formatters, especially Eclipse's code formatter, as well as any command line code formatting tools, from within IntelliJ IDEA.

UF Header

This plugin generates and updates UNIT Factory header.

Clean Code Method Rearranger

Rearranges the methods in Java classes according to the Robert C. Martin's Step-down Rule.


Folds/Shortens wicket lambda model's getter and setter references.