Plugins with tag "Build" for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

Apache Felix

Apache Felix Integration for IntelliJ IDEA 10 & 11 This plugin provides native IntelliJ IDEA support for developing, running and debugging OSGi projects developed...

Gradle GUI

This provides a graphical representation of Gradle projects and tasks and allows execution of Gradle tasks directly within Idea.

GMavenPlus IntelliJ Plugin

By kha
Activates Groovy plugin in Intellij IDEA when the GMavenPlus plugin is present in the pom.

SBT Executor

Allows you to execute Simple Build Tool (SBT) commands through a menu in IDEA.

Gradle Killer

This plugin kills Gradle tasks using the system task manager with just one click.

Gradle View

What is this? Show a split tree rollup of the dependencies for each Gradle configuration in use by a project.

Pants Support

Support for Pants build system.

Jar Tool

GUI Based tool to create jar archives easily with facilities * to create executable archives * create executable archives * manifest file...


Auto-package plugin performs live (background) packaging of web content files during development.

JavaDoc Sync Plugin 10

The JavaDoc Sync Plugin will assist you to keep your JavaDoc in sync between interface definitions and the implementations, or method definitions and method overrides.