Top Rated for IntelliJ IDEA Community


Adds a Builder action to the Generate menu (Alt+Insert) which generates an inner builder class as described in Effective Java.

VisualVM Launcher

Launches VisualVM from within IDEA.


A toolkit for RESTful services development. 1.ONE STEP to navigate to service declaration.

IDE Features Trainer

Learn basic shortcuts and essential features interactively – right inside the IDE.

Focus on Active Task

Focuses the project tree view on the active task, only displaying relevant files/paths.

Liferay IntelliJ Plugin

Liferay Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Features.

Demisto Add-on for PyCharm

Demisto is a Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform that helps security teams coordinate and automate tasks across 100s of partner products...

Visual Studio Code Dark Plus Theme

A dark theme for JetBrains IDEs inspired by default Visual Studio Code "Dark Plus" theme.


Regular Expression Tester for IntelliJ IDEA.