New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community

Dafny Support

Dafny Support for IntelliJ with verification and execution.

Image Diff

This plugin shows the diff of two images in the diff view.

Illuminated Cloud 2

Illuminated Cloud brings the modern feature set of JetBrains' powerful IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm IDEs to Salesforce development.

Editor Groups


Package Search

A package search plugin for JVM-based Maven and Gradle projects.

Vaadin Designer

Vaadin Designer allows you to visually design user interfaces for your Vaadin applications.

Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ

These plugins allow Java developers and Azure HDInsight users to easily create, develop, configure, test, and deploy highly available and scalable Java web apps and...

Zhenai Android Coding Guidelines

This is a can help developers to quickly find code problem.


CodeStream helps dev teams discuss, review, and understand code.


Provides inlay indicators based on a customizable complexity calculation for Java files The steps of the calculation.