New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community

Teamscale Integration

Teamscale integration for the Intellij platform.


Support for Dart Features Smart coding assistance for Dart that includes code completion, formatting, navigation, intentions, refactorings, and more Integration with...

Dataiku DSS

Dataiku DSS plugin to edit Recipes and Plugins directly from PyCharm or IntelliJ IDEA.

ZenUML support

Provides the capability to generate sequence diagram from text within the IDE and see the rendered HTML in a live preview.

String Manipulation

Provides actions for text manipulation.


upload api to yapi.


Adds support for the development of OSGi-based applications.

Python Community Edition

The Python plug-in provides smart editing for Python scripts. The feature set of the plugin corresponds to PyCharm IDE Community Edition.

Cucumber for Java

This plugin enables Cucumber support with step definitions written in Java.

Android NR Bundle Builder

Use builder build bundle.